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Home Updates With Paint - Coach Realtors

It's no secret that paint is one of the best ways to increase the value of your home, bringing a return on investment averaging 107%. But what you may not know is how a few simple tricks can elevate the interior of your home to exciting new levels. Our REALTORS® would like to share a few of those tricks with you:

  • Use texture to add depth
    No, we don't mean popcorn ceilings or stenciled walls. Using sponges and brushes creatively can add subtle textures to surfaces that can add interest with little visibility. They can transform boring hallways into eye-catching spaces. Whether you select a neutral shade or a bold splash of color, the texture will provide a sophisticated element to your interior design.

  • Define zones with contrasting finishes
    Some Nassau County homes for sale may offer open floor plans. This architectural style lends itself to comfortable spaciousness, but defining areas within them will contribute to a sense of order. While changing colors from one space to the next can be challenging, changing finishes using the same color is easy. You can create dramatic contrast by simply painting a matte finish next to a glossy one in the same color.

  • Employ multiple shades to make the space appear larger
    In earlier times, we would expect to see dark kitchen cabinets in a white kitchen. Reversing that trend updates the appearance of the room. Consider painting cabinets below the work surfaces a dark shade but make the upper walls and cabinets significantly lighter. White ceilings, windows, and doors make the room look brighter and larger. This three-level color scheme offers a modern appeal to an older house. 

  • Update the stairs with paint
    In some older Suffolk County homes for sale, you may find the staircases are more utilitarian than decorative. Why can't they be both? You have more than one inexpensive option to bring them into the 21st Century. One way is to paint only the handrails and banisters an exciting new color. You can opt for a classic black or a pristine white, whichever would look best with the rest of your decor. How about adding a bit of color to the stair treads? Darker colors work best for surfaces with a lot of foot traffic. The uprights that hold the treads and the spindles that hold the railings offer two more options to add visual interest to the room.

  • Give the mantle a facelift
    Instead of letting the fireplace blend into the surrounding wall, consider making it stand out as an exciting feature of the room. The simplest choice is to just paint it in a color contrasting with the wall. This is a great choice if you use the mantle as a platform to display collectibles, a clock, or other small items of interest. But you can also make the fireplace the star of the show with a complete makeover. You can achieve the look of marble with a base of glossy white streaked with various shades of gray. Add streaks by dipping a feather into the gray paint and dragging it across the white surface. When you get the look you want, seal it with Minwax Polycrylic for a beautiful shine. 

Whether upgrading your house to sell or looking for a new home, our real estate professionals look forward to helping you. Contact us when you are ready to move forward. 

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