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Principal : Carolyn Breivogel
Total no of students : 990
Educational Climate : AVERAGE
Special Ed : Y
Magnet : N
Technology Measure : HIGH
Student Teacher Ratio : 13
Start Date : 09/01
End Date : 06/23
School Web Site


Academics   2016-09-01
The academics offered are incredible. There are a variety of classes you can take from Literature and Lyrics to Sci-Fi Horror writing. That is just to name a few. The Forensics courses are amazing as well.

Overall Experience   2016-08-01
Love wantagh so much we always get together as a community and have fun at events

Overall Experience   2015-08-01
This school truly provides everything one needs to succeed, you just have to work hard.

Overall Experience   2015-06-01
Wantagh High School isn't called the "School of Excellence" for no reason. When you walk into the double doors at the front of the school I can guarantee that the first person you see will greet you with a warm smile. The 6 or so hours that I am at school, I feel safe and happy. Most kids dread waking up for school in the morning, but I didn't at all because it's not even like school. Sure you learn, but the teachers make it exciting where students want to engage in the conversation/lesson. Wantagh is just like one big family.

Overall Experience   2015-04-01
I really enjoyed how supportive all of my teachers and classmates were to me throughout my high school experience. Truthfully, no one has ever been forgotten.

Academics   2013-05-01
The academics are okay for our neighborhood but they are always getting better. Lots of APs and there are more being added. The honors and AP teachers are all very good, but there are some complaints about regular teachers. There is not a huge diversity of classes and electives, which is disappointing.

Educational Outcomes   2015-04-01
It is a wonderful school with copious amounts of clubs, sports teams and departments. The teachers at Wantagh High School do really care about their students and do what ever they can to support us all.

Student Culture & Diversity   2016-09-01
There are always students helping each other out. There is not much peer pressure going on as everyone truly is there for each other. We have special needs students, bi-students, students with physical disabilities. Everyone just gets along. There is a harmony

Teachers   2016-09-01
Our teachers at Wantagh High School go above and beyond. They all seem to genuinely enjoy teaching, and they push out to exceed all our expectations. They are always there when we need them ... whether it be a visit in the morning, afternoon or an email question.

Teachers   2016-08-01
Teachers are great and funny. It's never boring. They are able to teach lessons in different way that allows the students to understand the material better. We go on fun educational field trips as well

Teachers   2015-05-01
The teachers and staff are very compassionate and understanding and are there for their students and parents

Teachers   2015-04-01
There is a smartboard in almost every classroom and the teachers use them appropriately and often incorporate student participation. Each teacher individually analyzes the needs of their students and provides them with the assistance that tjey need to learn and grow as both students and people.

Teachers   2014-02-01
Teachers here are the best. They are the advisors to clubs grades and coach more then one sport. They are there for you in the morning and after school. They set up extra review sessions for tests and there is a writing lab if a student needs help with essays. They are the advisors to clubs, this does not add to a lot of extra money for all the hard work they put into the activates.

Teachers   2014-01-01
there are a lot of good teacher with the exception of a couple

Teachers   2015-01-01
I like all my teachers

Teachers   2016-08-01
The teacher of Wantagh High School go above and beyond to get the kids the help they need.

Teachers   2016-06-01
The type of environment differs depending on the type of class you are placed into. If you are in a regents class or AP is the difference between being an extremely slow and boring class and an engaging one filled with intellectual stimulating conversation.

Teachers   2016-03-01
I have had some of the best teachers in this high school who inspired me with not only schoolwork but in life to be a better person. They care, are knowledgeable, and approachable. Willing to help you every step of the way

Teachers   2016-02-01
Most teachers are willing to go the extra mile helping students to get the best education they can. They try to relate real life situation to the ones we are currently learning about, so the topics seem relevant and interesting.

Overall Experience   2016-02-01
If I had the choice of repeating my high school experience or going to a new school, I would not change a thing. We have so many clubs to choose from, sports teams from football to badminton, and teachers who really try to help you the best they can. Students preform amazing plays, and we have clubs like sportsnite that allow girls to gain an experience that they might not get anywhere else.

Overall Experience   2013-05-01
It's a good school, but we always have a serious lack of funding for everything. There's always a struggle between departments and clubs for money, and it limits so much. A lot of people don't give it enough credit but it is a good school. One big complaint is the sanitation, the bathrooms are gross. Also the lack of sustainable initiatives and the closemindedness of the principal.

Overall Experience   2013-10-01
The school is one of the better schools in the area and prepares students for college.

Overall Experience   2013-08-01
It wasn't bad it it was okay

Academics   2014-01-01
there are a wide range of courses available in the school

Academics   2013-10-01
Academics at this school are excellent and challenging.

Academics   2014-05-01
School offers a variety of fun classes.

Overall Experience   2016-08-01
The parents at Wantagh High School are okay some try to help out when they are needed. Others dont even bother and get involded.

Overall Experience   2016-06-01
I would not attend this school again since I feel it was conforming to a suburban standard of life.

Overall Experience   2016-03-01
My overall experience here was good and bad. High school isn't the easiest time for most, but there were some great things that made it all worth it. I met lifelong friends here. Teachers have inspired my greatly. My art teacher was my favorite, she went above and beyond and put her all into helping her students.

Overall Experience   2013-07-01
The academics at Wantagh are top-notch. I feel very prepared for college with the courses offered and the teachers that Wantagh has. Attending a Wantagh football game is always exhilarating because Wantagh carries a lot of school spirit. Although it is a relatively smaller school, I found plenty of long-lasting friends that I wouldn't trade for the world here.

Overall Experience   2014-05-01
Average high school experience, nothing special.

Teachers   2015-05-01
Some teachers are better than others

Teachers   2014-05-01
Some are dedicated, some don't care.

Student Culture & Diversity   2014-01-01
there is not much diversity at this school everything and everyone seems the same

Student Culture & Diversity   2013-07-01
Peer pressure in Wantagh is similar to most other schools however it has gotten progressively better in the past couple of years. Acceptance for LGBT has been on the rise with the start of Variation Club which encourages LGBT teens and supporters for gay rights and volunteer opportunites. Racial/ethnic diversity in Wantagh is very poor with 98% of Wantagh being Caucasian. The lack of diversity has caused a somewhat culture shock to Wantagh students when placed in a situation with many different ethnicities.

Student Culture & Diversity   2013-05-01
Everyone is white. But to the few people that aren't, I feel like they get a lot of stuff for that. Being in such a white community, insensitivity and racism is rampant. In some senses, the school is very socially stratified, and if you don't have money, you're definitely looked down upon. Pretty accepting in terms of sexual orientation.

Student Culture & Diversity   2014-05-01
Students sexual orientation is diverse and students are generally accepting

Overall Experience   2016-09-01
A few years ago (while I was a sophomore), two seniors decided to make a music video, and they incorporated everyone in the school (students, administration, clerical, teachers. It was a great day watching and being a part of this huge event. Everyone came together, worked together and had fun. It ended on the football field and we all sang happy birthday to our principal. That was a great day!

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