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Principal : John Murphy
Total no of students : 1074
Educational Climate : ABOVE AVERAGE
Special Ed : Y
Magnet : N
Technology Measure : HIGH
Student Teacher Ratio : 9
Start Date : 09/05
End Date : 06/23
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Academics   2013-10-01
The IB program is nationally recognized and makes our school awesome for students because it challenges us and prepares us for the future.

Overall Experience   2016-05-01
I loved this school, one of the best experiences of my life

Overall Experience   2015-04-01
I would love to attend this school for another 4 years. The teachers are so good and genuinely care about their jobs and the students. I also like having the IB program, it makes learning more competitive and this helps students to be the best they can be. This school has made a positive impact on my life and the memories I made there will last a lifetime.

Overall Experience   2013-10-01
I loved South Side. I was extremely involved and had a great group of friends. Many people didn't feel this way but I loved it. The theatre program is great, the teachers are amazing, and the IB program taught me to write very well.

Overall Experience   2013-10-01
I don't know what could be better! The only thing is the stress and academic challenges you will feel in this school.

Overall Experience   2013-05-01
My school consistently gets rated high from independent sources, The administration works hard to ensure that we get every available opportunity.

Teachers   2013-10-01
I loved my teachers. Vincent Falivene, Debra Tanklow, and Russ Reid were standouts. Every English teacher I had was great and same goes for Science. The only bad teachers I remember having have all been fired by now.

Teachers   2013-10-01
Well I don't really have any opinions on teachers. I have heard some students talking about certain bad teachers, but I think it's good overall.

Overall Experience   2014-04-01
kids are always happy. lots of work ,but fairly graded

Overall Experience   2014-03-01
In the four years at this school, I can say I will truly miss alot of my teachers, my guidance counselors and my mentor.

Student Culture & Diversity   2013-10-01
Social scene is very snobby and elitist but everybody came around by senior year. Lots of irish catholics and rich upper crust types but also a lot of diversity personality wise. Lots of pressure to drink and not to much ethnic diversity.

Student Culture & Diversity   2013-10-01
I really am happy about my school. This is a really safe school with great diversity, but most students accept others.

Student Culture & Diversity   2013-10-01
RVC is predominately upper middle class .But we do have a good portion of diversity in our school. Things are better now than a few years agoI I have many different types of friends and I believe the students all get along and respect one another.

Student Culture & Diversity   2013-04-01
Everyone is very tolerant of different races, but especially is tolerant of sexual preference. Every clique kind of does their own thing, but everyone is open to chatting during class. There is an alcohol presense in the town, but you are never pressured to drink. There's always something else to do.

Teachers   2016-08-01
Most of the teachers are willing to help students if they don't understand the material. There is extra help in the mornings and you can make an appointment with most teachers for after school

Teachers   2016-07-01
For the most part, the teachers my children have had have been very good. There have been a few who may not be particularly happy teaching, or may just not enjoy teenagers, and that has come across. There seemed to be a time when it was difficult to find good language teachers, and as a result my older son was quite turned off to the foreign language he was studying, however, to be fair, the school did dismiss two language teachers during his years at the school, so the administration did recognize the issue and responded appropriately. There are many teachers at SSHS who clearly love teaching, and who go above and beyond for the students, taking their own time to accompany them on local and international trips, who have a warm rapport with the students, and who really nurture learning.

Teachers   2016-07-01
A majority of the teachers are understanding and well engaged.

Teachers   2016-06-01
Its a great school. Most teachers are very kind and always trying to help you as a student.

Teachers   2016-05-01
All the teachers are very unique, but overall are great. Fair grading, really prepare you for college

Teachers   2016-02-01
Most of the teachers I have had at South Side High School were very knowledgable and there to help. You could tell many enjoyed their jobs and were passionate about what they were teaching which added a lot to the classes.

Teachers   2015-12-01
Many of the teachers care about the students, however there are some apathetic teachers as well. Overall I receive a pretty good education

Teachers   2015-04-01
The teachers at South Side High school are great! They are very helpful, if you have a problem or you need help they make themselves available to come and assist you. The teachers make themselves available wether its is before school or after, they will always find time in their busy schedules to help struggling students. The lessons that are taught at South Side are very technologically savvy and try to incorporate all different types of technology into their lessons.

Teachers   2015-03-01
Most are excellent to very good

Teachers   2015-01-01
Most, if not all, teachers offer extra help four out of the five days each week. teachers are willing to provide guidance for students and help provide quality education while enforcing the rules of the IB Program.

Teachers   2014-11-01
Many want to help students but some make students feel dumb. They are not very accessible during extra help she goes first come first serve but she doesn't under stand theres a lot of other extra help at the same time.

Teachers   2014-08-01
Most of the teachers at South Side High School are great. They all have their heart in what they do and make sure that every students is doing their best and on track.

Teachers   2014-03-01
I think most of our teachers go above and beyond but there are a few that don't really extend themselves. Those teachers really don't seem to care if a student passes or fails. Again this is not a reoccurring thing, but yes there are a few.

Teachers   2013-04-01
The teachers at South Side are very helpful. They honestly want to see the students excel so they go the extra mile to help the students. If you need help they will reach out to you in any way that they can.

Teachers   2013-04-01
They get paid so much (6 figures) and for the most part deserve it. They stay after school and are very accomodating if you are struggling with grades. However, there are some poor teachers that don't put in all the effort. You probably get that at every school though. Many teachers have impressive resumes (one of mine worked at the met and has written 2 books)

Academics   2015-01-01
Most teachers are very willing to help all of there kids

Overall Experience   2013-10-01
I believe since me elementary to High School that RVC has helped me to achieve great things while learning all these years and has prepared me for my future studies in College.I have had many great teachers that I may never forget and friendships that will last over a life time

Academics   2013-10-01
Lots of teachers I had were really great. Others not so much. For the most part classes were boring but the teachers were awesome. Powerpoints run rampant but the materials and required texts were always good. English class and Film class were serious highlights

Academics   2013-10-01
Our school offers rigid course such as IB programs and AP classes. Lots of students in our school are IB diploma candidate, and thus create a really challenge atmosphere.

Overall Experience   2015-12-01
The IB program is very difficult and often makes students feel overwhelmed. I do think that I am getting s very good education and enjoy many of the extra corriculars as well.

Overall Experience   2015-08-01
South Side High School is a part of a community that strives for excellence. Which is one of the reasons why the school has achieved great success from administration to the students. This school is unique because it is a public school on a essentially private school level. From 9th grade students are immersed in advanced courses and can choose to participate in the International Baccalaureate program where students take courses on par with college level courses. Various extracurricular activities are available for students to participate in. Opportunities are endless at South Side High School! One of my favorite experiences at South Side High School is probably witnessing actress, comedian and alumni of South Side High School Amy Schumer visiting SSHS with CBS for an interview. Only once in a lifetime. Another favorite experience of mine is being successful scholastically in all of my classes throughout my high school career. Total nerd answer, but it is the absolute truth. Through the extra help that the school provides and hard work I have achieved great things. Overall If I could do it all over again I would attend this school again. They promote higher learning, and great success for all.

Academics   2013-10-01
They may be five star to the educators with their IB curriculum .But I believe they are putting way to much pressure on the students. By graduation only a few students really every receive the IB diploma .I would have preferred more options with AP instead

Academics   2013-09-01
My school is an IB school. The only issue with it is that they force people to take IB courses which can be difficult to some.

Academics   2014-11-01
Their are great opportunities at South Side. Juniors and Senior take many IB course that will better prepare them to be successful in college.

Academics   2014-11-01
Ib is tough and is what is mostly offered and your forced in to it. AP is available for seniors in math. Even though AP is more recognized we don't have a lot of options in AP.

Academics   2014-06-01
Most teachers I have had during my three years here are top notch. They connect to the students and provide all the help they need. However, this year my IB Physics teacher is probably the worst teacher I had in my entire 11 years in the public school system. He spends 30 minutes writing the notes and answers on the board and leaves the remaining 10 minutes for us to copy down notes and check over answers, and complains to us over how we are so behind (even with last year's shortened year because of Hurricane Sandy). I believe only one student in his two IB classes got above a 4 on the IB Physics test.

Academics   2014-04-01
IB program. the downside is that it is mandatory for all. they believe that students will rise to the occasion. some students cannot.

Academics   2014-03-01
South Side offers the top student offerings and just about everyone is encouraged to take IB courses. They are challenging and fun.

Academics   2014-02-01
The classes are challenging but if you try you can make it through. We have some AP classes but the emphasis is placed on the IB classes.

Educational Outcomes   2015-01-01
The academics at south side are very good, we where voted best high school on long island in 2012. Many of our graduates go on to attend ivy league schools

Educational Outcomes   2014-11-01
My post graduation experience is great. I am currently attending a college out of state which better prepared me.

Educational Outcomes   2014-08-01
Throughout my junior and senior year of high school, many teachers would constantly tell students that college is not easy so enjoy high school while you still can. College will cause you to make some of the most important decisions and life but will also continue to prepare you for the real world. Doing your home work and getting good grades is very important to value in high school because in college its a must. The guidance counselors were very helpful in guiding many students in the right direction and helping to apply for scholarships, especially for students that needed the extra money to pay for their tuition and books.

Educational Outcomes   2014-06-01
The schools offers IB courses which i feel have prepared me for college.

Overall Experience   2016-08-01
Are school only offers ib. I think I would prefer a school that offered ap classes

Overall Experience   2016-07-01
I think that SSHS is a great school, and I'm happy that my children had the opportunity to attend. I think the IB program challenges the students well. Having said that, in an effort to get as many students as possible to take the most rigorous coursework possible, sometimes students are pushed into courses they can't handle, which causes undue stress for both the students and the parents. On the other hand SSHS is one of the few schools that still honors the trades - they have wonderful wood shop facilities and a beloved instructor who made my oldest son fall in love with woodworking.

Overall Experience   2016-07-01
What makes South Side unique is the great amount of electives to be involved in. Electives such as photography, art classes, sculpture and ceramics, ect; give students a wide variety of opportunities to discover what the student is most interested in.

Overall Experience   2016-06-01
it was a pleasure going to South Side the environment is great, you really get to learn the material your being taught.

Educational Outcomes   2013-10-01
I really enjoy the college that I go to although I am eager for my future. I think there are greater things beyond AU but I don't blame SSHS for me being slightly unhappy here.

Academics   2013-11-01
I love learning! My teachers this year have been great so far, always engaging and always helping students. My amazing teachers and my intelligence are the reasons why I have maintained a 4.0 GPA.

Overall Experience   2015-06-01
You will definitely get noticed if you work hard and participate in school events and clubs, and the IB program is helpful for college.

Overall Experience   2014-11-01
Its okay theres ups and downs but there is a lot of academic pressure.

Overall Experience   2013-09-01
My school is ok. The teachers are great but there is a lot of fights.

Overall Experience   2013-03-01
I love most things about my school. The courses are challenging and the teachers are very helpful and even when youre behind on something the students around are kind enough to help you with whatever you dont understand. South Side's environment is surrounded by learning and thats what everyone gets when they leave south side. enough knowledge and understanding to go far in life.

Student Culture & Diversity   2014-11-01
Bully is stressed but I could get more in trouble for being late to class than bullying.

Student Culture & Diversity   2014-06-01
Most people are irish or italian. As a jew, we were a minority.

Student Culture & Diversity   2013-11-01
My school consists mostly of middle class Caucasians. I have absolutely no problem with this at all, there is diversity in my school.I think diversity is very important. There are quite a few cliques in my school based on social status.

Overall Experience   2014-06-01
this school has International baccalaureate therefore it is a challenging school

Teachers   2013-03-01
Most teachers at South Side are great and are very helpful. There are some teachers that dont really know what theyre doing but most of them have a way of teaching that really gets you to understand the curriculum and their main goal is to help you get the best grade you possibly can.

Student Culture & Diversity   2013-05-01
There are a few cultural clubs at the school, but there isn't a lot of activity in the groups. It would be better if the clubs increased their activities and their presence at the school.

Student Culture & Diversity   2013-04-01
There is much diversity with in the school, and there is peer pressure in some situations that any other high school student would face also. Most students join after school activities such as clubs and sports to help themselves get involved.

Overall Experience   2013-11-01
I love my high school! Everyone is so helpful and I feel comfortable at my school.I couldn't imagine going anywhere else.

Teachers   2013-10-01
Teachers are as stress as the students. Most work hard

Overall Experience   2014-06-01
The students are cliquey and not open minded enough.

Academics   2013-03-01
My school always brags about the IB curriculum, but they force people who aren't capable of handling it into the program. Everybody must take IB English and IB History, there is no advanced courses in 9th or 10th grade, so the work becomes a huge shock.

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