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Principal : Vincent Romano
Total no of students : 548
Educational Climate : ABOVE AVERAGE
Special Ed : Y
Magnet : N
Technology Measure : MEDIUM-LOW
Student Teacher Ratio : 11
Start Date : 09/06
End Date : 06/23
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Academics   2014-10-01
We have been nationally recognized as one of the nation's most difficult high schools. We have increases enrollment by 11% in our AP program last year, and rather than seeing our average AP score go down like it should, it went up! The teachers emphasize hard work and give us work that readies you greatly for college, maybe even to the point where it is even harder than college, in order for you to be as successful as possible. We have many tutoring programs such as the Mentor program, Athletes Assisting Athletes tutoring program and Extra Help in each class at least twice a week. All of the opportunities to succeed academically are available, it is the student's job to take advantage of them.

Academics   2014-05-01
education is to the mind as food is good for the body. MHS have the best in getting us ready for the future. they make sure we get ready for college.

Educational Outcomes   2014-05-01
When you are a senior in Malverne High School you have nothing to worry about. Your guidance counselor going to make sure you made the best choice. the guidance counselors want us to be great in the future and help us with getting schlarships.

Overall Experience   2016-06-01
From all the activities to participate in in this school you can always find something that interests you.

Overall Experience   2014-11-01
Everyone is very loving and respectable.

Teachers   2016-07-01
The teachers at my old high school were the best because they always went far and beyond to help their students when they needed it.

Teachers   2016-06-01
Teachers at this school put their heart and soul into the work that they do. They are always willing to help students achieve their goals and supply everything necessary for them to achieve. If the student is willing to put the work in they will succeed.

Teachers   2014-11-01
The teachers are very helpful.

Teachers   2014-10-01
Our teachers are really the heart and soul of this school. They are the ones that inspire us students to go above and beyond in all that we do, and to never give up. I've had AP teachers that have been fine with us reviewing until ten or eleven o'clock at night if we ever asked. These teachers also give up their weekends and vacations to help us for tests, projects or extracurricular activities such as the Robotics competitions, our marching band competitions and our sports coaches.

Teachers   2013-11-01
they do all that they can for their students

Teachers   2013-08-01
Most of the teachers I have had have put in their fair share in teaching and even more. The chemistry teachers are amazing in helping their students. They really care about helping you understand the material. One will come in hours before school starts and stay hours after school ends, as well as responding to emails as soon as possible. In the English department, a handful are considered "cool". They have good relationships with students- work gets done in class while also being able to tell a few jokes here and there. In the social studies department, one teacher is exceptional in teaching the class. This teacher is extremely passionate about Unites States' history. The fascination during long lectures draws some students in the teaching style which is more auditory. Not all teachers teach by an auditory method, however. Some teach visually, perhaps math and science teachers. Generally speaking the math teachers do their best in teaching in a way as to not confuse the students.

Teachers   2016-01-01
Teachers in my school are engaging and reliable.

Teachers   2016-01-01
All the teachers in the school are very knowledgeable and great. They make time for you if you need help.

Teachers   2015-04-01
Most of the teachers employed at my high school go above and beyond to instill the proper qualities that a student needs to not only pass their class but to also be successful in the world exists outside of their classrooms. The teachers at my school serve as more than just teachers but as role models as well.

Teachers   2015-02-01
Most of my teachers have been really good to me,

Teachers   2014-11-01
Most teachers are very helpful and are considerate to one's needs and offer extra help whenever they are able to . They try to be as clear as possible i believe and go back of they have to time for others who couldn't keep up.

Overall Experience   2015-02-01
I'm a teenager, so obviously I don't wake up in the morning and go "oh yay school!" I'm not like that. However I really don't see myself in another school unless of course that school had ice hockey then sign me right up. But all in all, I've met some people that I love to absolute death, and hey, new kids keep coming to that school so I guess they're doing something right even if I can't always see it.

Overall Experience   2014-11-01
This school offers various activities, clubs, athletics, and community services that each and every student that attends can enjoy. There are a wide range of things that happens throughout the school year that can include parents and teachers/staff as well. I would definitely choose this school again if I had the chance to do it all over again because this school has a lot to offer, and most of what they have is what I am interested in.

Overall Experience   2016-07-01
I liked the school very much. It was unique to me because at this school everyone tried to hep you from the teachers to the parents to even the security guards that were also in the school. They made you feel very at home there. Always pushed us to try and go far in life.

Teachers   2016-08-01
There are some teachers within the school that go above and beyond to help students reach their maximum potential, and I am forever grateful for all that they do. However, there are a few within the school that prevent the overall rating from being 5/5. Some are simply less caring and are not the best at teaching the students to their fullest capacity. From a general standpoint, however, the majority of the teachers I've had have done a very nice job at teaching me it whatever way they saw fitting.

Overall Experience   2013-05-01
Malverne high school has prepared me for college, I feel comfortable going to any of my teachers for help regarding college planning.

Student Culture & Diversity   2014-12-01
Students are accepted. Some students dress really differently and are left to be, other students are out there with their sexual orientation and are applauded for it.

Student Culture & Diversity   2014-10-01
Through Malverne, I've gotten to see the world through the eyes of people from just about every standpoint possible. We have a very wide range of people at our school and it can be seen through our lack of problems. Due to our diversity, students have accepted mostly that not everyone is alike because every person is different here so prejudice and racism are not prevalent within the student population very much if at all.

Student Culture & Diversity   2014-05-01
we are all a family in there. we feel comfortable to be with each other. we stay connected together and when there's a new student we welcome them to he family because we like to multiply.

Student Culture & Diversity   2013-08-01
Peer pressure at Malverne High School is not of the least bit overwhelming. It is either the same or less as other schools. Depending on who you associate yourself with, you find that you make decisions for yourself. New students are accepted with open arms. Being that this is a small school and new students aren't that common, in the event that there is a new student, people are genuinely excited or pleased to see a newcomer. There is racial diversity at the school including African Americans, Caucasians, Hispanics, Asians, Indian Americans, etc. Many find the cultural mix quiet interesting. As for sexual orientation, there are known people who are openly what they are and like "New Yorkers", everyone minds their business for the most part if it does not concern them.

Overall Experience   2016-01-01
The small and diverse community helped me learn how to work well with others.

Overall Experience   2015-11-01
This school is very helpful and loves to try and stay active with the students. We have different events that let the teachers and students interact and have fun to create a safe, reliably environment.

Overall Experience   2015-11-01
Malverne High School is an great small school. I've enjoyed my years here due to the teachers, sports, and all the activity's such as sports night and the fashion shows. I've gained life long friends and I will truly miss this school when I graduate.

Overall Experience   2015-11-01
for the most part I enjoyed my years in high school I was involved in sports and many clubs and activities. the experience helped me grow up and mature. I was able to build connections with many teachers and staff working her. I gained many friendship. I was very dedicated and I was able to maintain wonderful grades with the great teaching of my teachers.

Overall Experience   2015-04-01
Despite all the flaws that Malverne High School has it taught me how to embrace all cultures due to its diversity, it taught me how to properly establish professional relationships due to the teachers and administrations availability to the students and it taught me many more life lessons that are needed in order to properly succeed in this world.

Academics   2016-01-01
The academics that my school are great there are many courses able for students. There are many AP classes that I have taken and I'm taking now. There are also honor classes and pre-AP classes to prepare freshman to take the AP classes later on.

Academics   2014-11-01
The students are challenged academically

Academics   2014-02-01
teachers really care about you

Academics   2013-09-01
Since Malverne HS is a small school, not as many classes are offered here as other schools that have thousands of students. However teachers do take AP classes very seriously and devote extra time into helping students understand the material. SAT is not stressed as much as it should be. AP's take over a lot more priority in the schooling system. With that said, a student must pace themselves in accordance to preparation for the SAT's.

Academics   2013-07-01
It depends on the teacher you get. Some teachers are excellent and do great jobs but others aren't fully equipped.

Overall Experience   2016-08-01
Malverne High School, although some have a negative impression at first, has a lot of character and memories that I wouldn't trade for the world. Keep in mind it is a very small school, so options are not the most plentiful. The few clubs that have maximum involvement, however, are extremely enjoyable and I'm glad to be a part of them.

Overall Experience   2015-02-01
I experience I would ever change it because it taught me so many things. This showed me that life is hard. Last year, (10th grade) was the worst year of my life. One very close friend died in a car accident, another close friend started doing drugs and drinking and my best friend found out that she was bipolar and Schizophrenia. But even though this happened everyone in the school help handle these situations.

Overall Experience   2015-11-01
During my high school experience i was able to learn for the teachers and with the help of them and my hard work i was able to keep my grades high. I had the opportunity to take many AP courses and be apart of the lacrosse team and the marching band. Having these experiences i gained friendships within my school and with a neighboring school due to the merge in certain sports. Overall my high school experience was pretty much beneficial.

Student Culture & Diversity   2013-07-01
The strong sense of community in the student body of Malverne is palpable. There is tremendous diversity and widespread acceptance of differing personalities. Since it's a small school, the students are not confined to only one type of extra-curricular. Football players join the school musical and members of the robotics team also participate in the marching band etc.

Overall Experience   2014-02-01
It depends who your friends are in this school

Overall Experience   2013-11-01
i love all of the teachers

Overall Experience   2013-08-01
I don't regret going to the school. The courses definitely were challenging. In my previous school, I was not challenged academically so I appreciated the more rigorous courses offered here. I enjoy painting for the school play each year and I especially enjoy watching the production- I have never been disappointed. The music program is a blessing, especially in such a small school. Living in New York State and having a mother who works in the public school system, I have come to realize what opportunities are here before they any more budget cuts take them away, like in other schools. I love playing for the tennis team. The girls are nice- and fun to be around. Many students have a close relationship with their teachers- in the sense that if there is something that is not understood, help is always available, or in the sense that if there are any questions about college or which career path the educator himself chose to take, it is okay to ask. I would choose this school all over again because it is close to home and the size of the school (as well as the number of people enrolled in the school) is small enough to be acquainted with nearly everyone, but large enough so that you feel like you've had a "tv-like high school experience".

Teachers   2013-05-01
The teachers for the most part care about the students. They are very helpful and they want to see you succeed. If you show them effort they will be happy to help you. Some teachers need to get there teaching skills together and try some new approaches.

Educational Outcomes   2014-12-01
I wasn't really prepared for the real world. I left not knowing how to cook, knit, make business transactions, do laundry, handle finances, etc. That's because the school really stresses AP classes and other "challenging courses" in which case I was still not prepared for college because in these AP classes, the teachers babied you to do homework and attend extra help and study whereas in college, no one is babying you to do those things so you feel overwhelmed by the college workload.

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