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Principal : Timothy Voels
Total no of students : 758
Educational Climate : AVERAGE
Special Ed : Y
Magnet : N
Technology Measure : NOT REPORTED
Student Teacher Ratio : 11
Start Date : 09/05
End Date : 06/23
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Overall Experience   2016-01-01
Most of the students at this school are very nice and polite, and not just on first sight, but continuously, even if they dislike another. I love this school since it is the school that has had the best teacher to student and student to student relations, compared to any other school that I have been to. The older students will not be mean to the freshmen, on the contrary, they help them out a lot and sincerely care for them. Fights do not break out easily or frequently, because of the good relationship the students have with one another.

Overall Experience   2015-07-01
I loved this school. A lot of my teacher's were great and very understanding of the demands high school students have to deal with in terms of balancing school life with extracurriculars. There's a lot of class options to choose from and there are a lot of great clubs to join.

Overall Experience   2013-12-01
I love this school! It has so many fun events like Battle of the Classes. The teachers and guidance counselors are extremely kind and caring towards all children.

Overall Experience   2013-05-01
I absolutely loved my high school experience.

Student Culture & Diversity   2013-07-01
The culture and diversity at this school is great. There is a good amount of school spirit, and the students are fantastic. Every year, especially during baseball season, the whole school unites to support the Rams. A lot of people and teachers attend the baseball games and it's really nice to have that sense of community. Regarding the students, there are a bunch of different people, and a wide variety of people from different soc-economic backgrounds. This is good in my opinion because there isn't that pressure to have designer clothes or the latest iPhone. In addition, the majority of the students are very accepting of others and let others "do their own thing." It's a small school so everyone knows everyone; however, not enough to know everything about everyone. It's the perfect size. Academically, most of the kids are willing to work hard to achieve good grades and that makes a nice learning environment. There are however kids that do stupid things such as cheat, drink and smoke, but you find that at any high school. Overall I love the atmosphere at this school because there is always a sense of acceptance and community.

Teachers   2015-03-01
I loved almost all of my teachers that I had in high school. Most of them were very influential in my deciding to be a teacher myself.

Teachers   2015-03-01
The teachers are very caring and approachable.

Teachers   2013-07-01
Over the course of my 3 years at this school, I have had excellent teachers. Most of my teachers are very knowledgeable and truly enjoy teaching and working with kids. Most of them have gone the extra mile to help students understand something if they don't understand it by having flexible extra help schedules. Also, most of them frequently review for tests. Although I have had teachers that are just plain horrible and teachers that assign way too much homework, I learn a lot from the classes and end up getting good grades.

Teachers   2013-05-01
I had some amazing teachers, as well as some terrible ones.

Teachers   2013-03-01
Most are very competent, many are friendly.

Teachers   2016-01-01
Many teachers at Clarke High School put their students first. They make sure that every student has an equal opportunity to succeed. I tend to always find myself getting the best information in each class I attend. Over the years i've made some great connections with my teachers that I will miss once I leave.

Teachers   2016-01-01
Most of the teachers at this school are very nice and friendly, however some are nicer to some students and favor them over others. A downside to them being so nice would be the juniors and seniors going out of control, and disregarding the teacher's patient warnings. The older students also tend to take advantage of their former teachers and use them for their own purposes.

Teachers   2015-12-01
Not all teachers are the same and that's the truth. Some teachers try harder than others. Depending on the teacher and the student the relationship or connection between student to teacher vary. The teachers are overall very nice and kind and helpful in most matter.

Student Culture & Diversity   2013-04-01
This school has a very high level of ethnic diversity. Sports and clubs are the most popular activities that are involved with students. Everyone is accepted and hardly any problems are involved besides the normal peer pressure that teens encounter. School spirit is increasing each year and the students strive for high goals that makes the school reputation better and better. The variety of classes offered at this high school makes over 90% of their graduation class successful

Overall Experience   2013-04-01
good; there is favoritism for extracurriculars

Overall Experience   2016-01-01
Clarke High School is filled with many opportunities to express yourself as an individual. The staff is very friendly and the school is very safe with strict yet fair rules set. I feel as if there is always a new and exciting event coming up that never leaves me bored. I am very grateful for my experience here and i would recommend Clarke to ever child trying to express themselves.

Academics   2013-12-01
The more challenging classes, like honors and AP, can be tough on some kids. All the teachers who teach higher level classes know all the tips and tricks to help the students achieve a higher grade on their final exam. Each child can pick which class he/she wants to take next year so they are better prepared.

Academics   2016-01-01
At Clarke there may be a lot of work handed to you but all of it is doable if you manage your time properly. I know people that don't put in the effort and fail so, if the effort is shown than you are bound to succeed.

Overall Experience   2016-05-01
My favorite experience was joining several sports teams. I made some of closest friends because of winter track, swim and badminton. What makes Clarke unique is the very diverse environment. I loved meeting new people

Overall Experience   2013-06-01
I think the best part of Clarke was the teachers. Throughout my high school career, I had some very kind and thought-provoking teachers who truly cared about their students and I truly believe that made a huge difference. Additionally, I believe Clarke had a multitude of classes that catered to everyone's passions and needs. This includes a variety of art, business, law, and music classes so everyone could find their niche.

Overall Experience   2016-04-01
If anything has made the experience at the school good, it would be the diversity of students found in such a small school. There are many poor teachers in the small school, making the school experience one that is not too satisfying.

Overall Experience   2016-04-01
What made me love this school is being in the multicultural show and the rock show. I got to perform and work with other people. Also my senior year i went to Spain with my Spanish class which made that year very memorable. The only reason i wouldn't choose this school all over again because of all the bullying that goes around and nothing being done, and being discriminated against

Academics   2014-12-01
The workload is decent. Some days I would be very overwhelmed with work and other days I would have one assignment to work on for homework. The teachers in general know what they are teaching. The curriculum can be confusing at times and the scheduling process is decent.

Academics   2013-10-01
The teachers that know their topics, teach them well. They are tough and fair graders. The few teachers that have no enthusiasm or knowledge drag the whole school down

Academics   2013-07-01
Most of the teachers here are highly qualified to teach, and the workload for regents classes is average. If you take a higher level course like AP's or Honors, you may have to sacrifice some free time in order to get a good grade. There are some classes/teachers that anyone in the know at school will warn you about, and if you aren't careful in those classes you can really screw yourself. Overall though the students leaving the school with the highest grades are the ones taking those classes, and they know what they're getting themselves into.

Academics   2013-03-01
The standard classes at Clarke high school are exactly that... standard. I never knew about the opportunities given by the school because no one ever told me about them. I feel as though many students don't know about the opportunities given. This is a large issue because students then can push them selves givin the chances.

Overall Experience   2016-01-01
There are good and bad aspects of this school. Since we are a smaller school, averaging at about 200 students per grade, some things just aren't possible. Certain courses aren't available to us because there aren't enough students that are interested in taking them. Also, we lack funding in some activities such as our sports team because they are smaller teams that do not necessarily do well in competitions.

Overall Experience   2015-12-01
Most parents don't even know about their children and what they are doing unless usually if they are athletic or have connections with the PTA.

Academics   2016-04-01
I have had too many bad experiences here. There are good teachers and classes but the poor ones definitely outweigh the good.

Overall Experience   2013-09-01
This school is okay. There are a lot of clubs and sports, but not many of them interest me. The teaching is average, but there are teachers who do talk about how they are not getting paid for what they deserve to be paid, along with bad budgeting. A lot of focus is on sports.

Overall Experience   2013-03-01
I had a good time at my school. I made many friends that I can say will last a life time. The experience for me was good. I was involved with in the school so I had a closer bond to it them most students who attend Clarke.

Student Culture & Diversity   2013-12-01
Not much diversity is present, but not too bad either.

Teachers   2016-04-01
Some teachers are great, and are really engaging, making class periods seem too short. However, some teachers have terrible styles of teaching, no justification behind grading, and make periods seem as if they lasted for hours.

Teachers   2016-04-01
The teachers at this school are somewhat helpful. Some teachers go above and beyond and help the kids who are struggling. While others could care less about the students.

Teachers   2016-01-01
All of the teachers are different, so it's impossible to rate them all the same way. Some go above and beyond and can be your best friend and a great teacher at the same time, while others you may do the best to avoid.

Teachers   2013-07-01
First two years of high school weren't so great. For instance, one teacher only used slide shows along with hand-outs given to the students to fill-in the blank of sentences. It was interesting for the first few days, but after, became boring and students lacked attention in the course. Too repetitive, and simply too easy. It felt like freshman and sophmore teachers (not all) did not really care about how important it was to be educated efficiently. However, by the last two years of high school, teachers were concerned about student well- beings, and performance. Teachers have reached out to students, with concern about class work, college applications, essays, etc. I appreciate the last two years, because it helped me a lot prepare for college and the steps that would come after graduation.

Overall Experience   2013-10-01
I worked hard to overcome favoritism and cruelty, and am glad to be done with it.

Educational Outcomes   2015-03-01
I was never taught how to prepare for college. It was a big smack in the face to me to see how different and difficult college was.

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