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Principal : John Amato
Total no of students : 680
Educational Climate : ABOVE AVERAGE
Special Ed : N
Magnet : N
Technology Measure : MEDIUM
Student Teacher Ratio : 11
Start Date : 09/04
End Date : 06/26
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parent   2014-07-28
Finley is a fantastic school! The principals are awesome, the teachers are on the ball! It's been a lot of work for my children, but they have learned a LOT! The school has great sports after school, great after school activities that are not sports oriented. They have wonderful support for the students. The building is secure, clean and cheerful. All around an amazing school. We came from the Northport school district and are so happy we made the move, the school districts just don't compare! Huntington BLOWS Northport away.

parent   2004-09-18
Basically a great school. Some teachers are 'past their prime', but most are inspiring!

parent   2008-03-27
The school itself was good, with excellent and friendly teachers and an updated curriculum, but the administration is a little too scatterbrained for comfort! They put my daughter in another Spanish class and they didn't notify her for another two weeks after she was supposed to show up. I heard of a parent whose child left the school and then got a call saying that the child was not present.

parent   2005-01-18
Most teachers are good, however some do not show any care. My child's teacher when talking to me for half-hour kept confusing her with the other kids, grading her from lowest to highest in his review. The administration and guidance are helpless. My 8-grade child schedule was screwed up so badly that she was put back into several 7 grade classes - although she has excellent grades! Additionally, school district do not provide for talented kids: my child, again with the A/A+ averages was denied to be accepted in an accelerated science class with the motivation that 'there is not enough space'. With this school, you should constantly be 'on top of things' - impossible for working parents. PTA is useless. I am moving out of this school district whatever it is going to cost us.

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