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Principal : Carlos Borrero
Total no of students : 425
Educational Climate : AVERAGE
Special Ed : N
Magnet : N
Technology Measure : MEDIUM
Student Teacher Ratio : 11
Start Date : 09/07
End Date : 06/09
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Academics   2015-01-01
The school offers tough classes like AP Physics, Calculus, AP Biology, AP English and many more.

Overall Experience   2015-12-01
My overall experience at The High School For Community Leadership is amazing, My favorite experiences would be our yearly Thanksgiving dinners, and our annual six flags trip in June. I like that we get reward for the hard work we do, so that encourage you to work harder cause you'll think about the reward.

Overall Experience   2016-05-01
This High School is amazing, I loved everything about it. My favorite experiences involves activities we would do together as a school such as our annual BBQ and our college tours/six flags trips

Student Culture & Diversity   2016-05-01
It's pretty good, everyone is welcoming.

Student Culture & Diversity   2015-04-01
There is a wide variation of people and culture, everyone works well with each other taking a piece of each others culture and embracing it.

Teachers   2016-05-01
They really care bout you not only on an academic level but also make sure you're doing well on a personal level. They really strive for you to become successful leaders.

Teachers   2016-04-01
The teachers at this school want the best for all their students. They all work as a team to ensure they are getting the right information they need and that the students are prepared for College.

Teachers   2015-04-01
The teachers are beyond remarkable, they are always there to help inside and outside of class. I feel as if I can tell them anything and they take the time to understand each students individual learning style.

Teachers   2014-01-01
They are always there for extra help and wtuff

Teachers   2014-01-01
Theys really nice and care alot

Teachers   2013-10-01
The teachers are very dedicated toward teaching students and not just teach, make them really understand the concept thoroughly. Many teachers stay after schools and come during weekends to help the students who need extra attention and care.

Academics   2016-04-01
The teachers curriculum prepare you for college and the schedule is amazing.

Teachers   2015-12-01
All the teachers help you if they see that you have been struggling with a topic, they'll go over it with you in after school sessions until you get it.

Student Culture & Diversity   2013-10-01
My school is very diverse but everyone is equal.

Student Culture & Diversity   2016-04-01
Students are involved in a lot of school activities.

Overall Experience   2016-04-01
This School is great! They recognize how unique each student is and pushes them for greater excellence.

Overall Experience   2015-04-01
This school is great and I would more than recommend it for an incoming freshman.

Overall Experience   2014-01-01
i love the building, peers and teachers

Overall Experience   2013-10-01
I love my school on overall basis. Yes there are some shortcomings but I strongly believe that it could be improved if there is dedication and will. And every school has some sort of shortcoming one way or the other. You just gradually start to love those things mostly that needs more fixing.

Academics   2014-05-01
Teachers are friendly and helpful. For example they help you at lunch or any other time they are free.

Academics   2014-01-01
It's great because we actually have a different structure

Academics   2013-10-01
This high school has many challenging courses including four AP classes which show much challenge in each field.

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