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Principal : Jaime Dubei
Total no of students : 700
Educational Climate : AVERAGE
Special Ed : N
Magnet : N
Technology Measure : LOW
Student Teacher Ratio : 10
Start Date : 09/07
End Date : 06/09
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Academics   2014-07-01
the teachers are very good at encouraging students while helping them become good citizens they teach everything with great pride and excellence.

Overall Experience   2016-04-01
I absolutely love this school ,I love the diversity in ethnicities and the different cultures .I love that we all come together as one once a year and perform a show showing all the different styles of dance , food and clothing.

Overall Experience   2015-11-01
I love that it's not too big. I also love that there is a uniform. The classes are not too large and the teachers are great! The go above and beyond for the students. They encourage them and never make them feel that they are unapproachable. They answer all emails and calls very promptly and resolve any issues as quickly as possible. The principal, assistant principals, deans, parent coordinator know the names of all the students. This shows familiarity and caring on their part.

Overall Experience   2014-07-01
my overall experience at this school was amazing i made great friends the teachers became part of my family and it was great to be around positive people everyday who pushed you to do better.

Student Culture & Diversity   2014-07-01
there are a variety of cultures at my school and the students get along very well and love to find out about different cultures and how they work its a great atmosphere for anyone with a different culture.

Student Culture & Diversity   2013-03-01
Here everyone's opinions or orientation is accepted. Most people here is considered as being in an ethnic/racial minority. Just last year a girl was voted for the school'd homecoming king, so many people are accept that people are different.

Teachers   2016-08-01
The teachers at this school make sure that the students receive the proper education and other necessities to make them a great fit for college.

Teachers   2016-01-01
The teachers in Queens Collegiate not only care about their job, but they care about the students they teach as well. The quality of the teachers are sensationally high, and their teaching styles are all very different. Despite the difference in teaching styles, they are all able to engage the students in their lessons. The teachers seem very knowledgeable in the subjects that they are teaching, and it does not seem like they are reading off a book. They have a very high interest in the students, and their communication skills with students are high as well. The grading is not always consistent, due to different abilities of the kids passing and failing, but they strive and look for effort. The teachers know who is showing effort and who isn't.

Teachers   2015-03-01
I think my school has the best teachers New York has to offer, they are very knowledgeable in the subjects they teach. They also know how to incorporate the lessons into real life and current events that help us relate to the topic or subject at hand on a better level. When it comes to grading the teachers are always on top of it, for example if we take a test on a Tuesday you can expect the grade to be up on Wednesday after school the latest. My favorite thing about the teacher is that they are always available after school wether its for make up work or to help you on something you missed or did not understand they will be there to answer all of your questions and concerns.

Teachers   2014-07-01
the teachers are just like a family to us they took time out and helped any student in need and were very nice and had a lot of knowledge.

Teachers   2013-08-01
II love the teachers at my school, they're like parents to us students, they are always their to lend a helping hand

Teachers   2016-01-01
Teachers at this school know how to teach, students often like to say otherwise because they don't allow them to have a chance but, if you have a good class you will learn way more than needed.

Teachers   2014-06-01
Most of the teachers are great. They are very helpful!

Teachers   2014-01-01
Most of the teachers are knowledgeable and care about their students but some baby the students

Teachers   2014-09-01
The teachers they their hardest for each student. Most are genuinely interested their students life. They help with anything they can.

Teachers   2015-04-01
Teachers are the best aspect of this school. Most of the teachers try to take their students' opinions into account. Some go above and beyond to help a student learn difficult topics. Some even help students get through turmoils in their personal lives.

Teachers   2016-01-01
Most of the teachers are very good and fully equipped to handle all types of students. However, some teachers need to be a little stronger to deal with certain types of students.

Teachers   2016-04-01
The teachers at Queens Collegiate are very supportive and always go above and beyond to make sure their students understand the course and that were confident in our work.

Overall Experience   2015-04-01
We complain a lot about the school but I couldn't see myself anywhere else. Queens Collegiate is totally a good school for getting you ready for the next step. Don't dismiss it just because the school policies are extremely biased.

Student Culture & Diversity   2013-08-01
I love how diverted my school is, we are all one and we all come together as a community and make are school as one

Student Culture & Diversity   2013-03-01
The school is very accepting of diversity. In fact, the school celebrates culture in the annual Night of Culture. Despite this, the actual diversity of the school is relatively small. It is easy to get along with everyone, however you will not find a variety of ethnicity.

Student Culture & Diversity   2015-01-01
Lots of kids from different country's and new languages youve never heard .

Student Culture & Diversity   2014-09-01
There is a lot of diversity in my school.

Overall Experience   2015-09-01
It's a good school to be honest. Everyone stays in their place, so far everyone plays nice.

Overall Experience   2013-08-01
I love my school, the staff and faculty there are always one step behind you. Though this is my last year, i would do it all over again if i could.

Overall Experience   2013-07-01
I love my school. i love the students, teachers and staff. I am treated like family here. Ive made a lot of friends .

Overall Experience   2013-05-01
I love my school. Even though it is a small school where everyone knows your business, there are plenty of opportunities to find classes, clubs, and friends that fit you and your interests. There are also great opportunities for networking and being college ready.

Overall Experience   2013-03-01
Personally I couldn't have chosen better school. They help us to prepare for college, our teachers care immensely about each and every one of us and , it's a beautiful campus what more can you want.

Overall Experience   2016-08-01
It is pretty good so far.

Academics   2014-06-01
The teachers are great. They are always willing to help you and will help you after school or before school if you need help.

Academics   2013-10-01
QC makes it very EASY to pass and we have a vast amount of computers that are accessible

Academics   2013-08-01
I feel as if my school is very high when it comes to academics.

Academics   2016-08-01
The academics is very challenging but the teachers make them seem so easy.

Academics   2016-01-01
The teachers are dedicated and try to work with all levels of students.

Academics   2016-01-01
I feel like the school has so much potential, some of the teachers are excellent, with some it is obvious its just a paycheck. Its confusing to the students and the parents when you reach out to a teacher, who goes above and beyond, then you reach out to a teacher who responds to you with a tone of "why are you bothering me?"

Academics   2015-04-01
The workload is not much if the students attend to them on a daily basis. The curriculum is good and it is designed to serve a student's areas of need.

Academics   2013-07-01
The teachers here are very helpful and understanding willing to help students in need. Students take everything from art classes to criminology. The principle is very interacting with the students, she knows just about every students name in the school. College is an option here. Teachers and other staff members encourage students to go to college.

Academics   2013-05-01
The curriculum is okay. The school does offer a lot of AP classes for the students and push for the students to take the test. The workload for advance classes can be intense but you have to prioritize certain things and choose your schedule wisely.

Academics   2013-03-01
There are AP and CollegeNow courses offered. Some feel that the school should offer more AP classes and more extracurriculars options. All classrooms have a laptop cart for students to use and a smartboard that the teachers use in their lessons.

Overall Experience   2016-07-01
I just got by i didnt really enjoy my time there

Overall Experience   2015-11-01
Going to Queens Collegiate, I met a lot of great people. The students and staff members are loving and for the most part, we are all family. However, some students don't always treat each other nicely. Not that I have had personal experience, but I do over hear students in small disagreements which may escalate into loud arguments or a possible physical altercation.

Overall Experience   2015-10-01
The teachers will actually push you to do your best, they are always there when you need them.

Overall Experience   2016-01-01
I feel like some of the teachers and staff go above and beyond, the other half are just there, which kind of takes away from the direction, I feel the school is trying to go in. Which is what makes a school that has the potential to be great, just average.

Overall Experience   2014-06-01
It's not that great but there are great memories. It's okay.

Overall Experience   2014-01-01
only because this is the nicest school that's no more than an hour in travel time, i live in far rockaway and the schools near me are not the best. this school has alot of internship, college-now, and college readiness opportunities

Overall Experience   2013-10-01
The students may not value their education as one should be. Overall, the students are great. They deem a sense of knowledge that education is important. Although the school is fairly new and located in the wings of a Jamaica High School, the school provides an abundant of AP courses. Lastly, the principal, Mrs. Dubei sets one goal towards the student of the school: To go to college. Excellent!

Overall Experience   2013-10-01
Overall a good school, though, I just think that the work should a lot more advance to truly prepare the students for college.

Overall Experience   2015-07-01
The school is okay. It gives you the education that you need and provides you with sports, so that is all you need.

Overall Experience   2015-04-01
I believe I go to school only to learn. The students are not very cooperative or friendly. Therefore, I avoid communicating with my peers unless there is a need to do group projects together. I take my teachers as inspirations and try to keep them happy with my grades without giving them much trouble.

Student Culture & Diversity   2015-04-01
The student involvement in the school is okay. Most don't join certain activities because they think it would be lame, but they turn out to be very fun.

Student Culture & Diversity   2015-03-01
The school is a very diverse school, everyone is very acceptant of each other, its not rare to find a group with African Americans, Hispanics, Indians , and even Asian all sitting at one table together conversing. Most of the time, since your around these people so much the challenge of the language barrier is broken easily due to just picking up on how they speak or react to certain aspects of school life.

Student Culture & Diversity   2014-07-01
The school represents the community.

Student Culture & Diversity   2013-10-01
Peer pressure is just as it is in any school.

Teachers   2016-02-01
Teachers at this school are okay

Teachers   2016-07-01
I learned a lot better in tottenville high school because the teachers made learning fun and memorable

Teachers   2016-01-01
I feel some of the teachers are excellent. They challenge the students, getting them to use their critical thinking skills. Other teachers are just there.

Teachers   2015-04-01
The teachers are great at what they do, but should be more efficient in their grading because it's annoying to not know your true grade as the semester is ending and they like to upload all grades at the end when you most of the time, can't do anything about it.

Student Culture & Diversity   2014-06-01
It's not that good. Minorities are sometimes not accepted.

Student Culture & Diversity   2014-07-01
There is a lot of peer pressure.

Student Culture & Diversity   2015-04-01
There is a severe lack of professionalism that can be noticed in the students. Some of the high school students belong in middle school perhaps, judging their ability to form speeches. While a handful of students are rather sincere about their education, most act as if school is of no value to them. Students from a certain racial background soar in academics while the majority is more than satisfied with just passing classes. But unfortunately students of that particular race are often bullied.

Overall Experience   2016-01-01
I've noticed that a very small percentage of parents actually do a good job in parenting these students in the high school while the middle school parents are a lot better.

Overall Experience   2016-01-01
The only reason I would be giving the school two points instead of 0, is because of the teachers. The teachers are the only reason I would want to experience the school again. The teachers seem like they genuinely care about the students, and I have so many experiences with them. The reason the school is terrible is because of the not only biased, but faulty administration. I could go on and write a book about the administration being terrible, but that would just be a waste of my time. I would be writing something that is painfully obvious. The principal is a doormat and has no spine, and let's the assistant principal walk all over her. The deans are terrible as well, it seems like they care more about suspension rather than intervention, and that is why the school deserves 0 points.

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