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190 7TH ST
Principal : Kenneth Costa
Total no of students : 2016
Educational Climate : AVERAGE
Special Ed : Y
Magnet : N
Technology Measure : LOW
Student Teacher Ratio : 13
Start Date : 09/05
End Date : 06/23
School Web Site


Teachers   2016-04-01
I absolutely love the teachers at Connetquot. Even ones that I haven't had are always super friendly and respectable and genuinely care about our well being.

Teachers   2015-12-01
The teachers that I have had at Connetquot have been great role models to me. They have been very supportive to me through my 4 years that I have been at Connetquot. I was a struggling student in elementary school but once I reached the middle school and then the high school I went into honors and am ranked in the 10th percent of my graduating class. The support and guidance I received at the high school has well prepared me for college.

Teachers   2014-01-01
The teachers here are beyond perfect, I mean everyone has bad days but our teachers are the best!

Teachers   2013-10-01
The teachers are great - very knowledgeable and conscious of teen issues today. The curriculums are diverse and challenging.

Teachers   2013-07-01
The teachers take a great interest in their students. They are always there for any kind of help needed in areas of school or life in general. I had great relationships with many of my teachers. Each teacher has their own style of teaching but are knowledgeable about the subject they teach and most of the time make it an enjoyable experience.

Teachers   2013-06-01
I believe Connetquot has some of the most highly qualified teachers in the area. They truly make a difference in that they make learning fun while at the same time challenging you to go the extra mile.

Academics   2014-04-01
Connetquot offers courses for all levels, including many AP and college courses, business, art, music, language and BOCES classes

Academics   2013-09-01
Honors & AP classes available.

Academics   2013-06-01
Theres a wide range of honors and AP classes offered. The work in these classes is more challenging than regular classes.

Academics   2013-06-01
very good classroom structure, teachers are excellent and curriculum is understandable.

Educational Outcomes   2013-11-01
I got into my first choice school along with many other students from Connetquot.

Educational Outcomes   2013-08-01
Everyone I know is going to college and except for two of the girls who chose beauty school, I dont believe any of us every had any thoughts of NOT going. I feel CHS has done its best to prepare us for college, but will I truly know until we get there next week? I believe college is the ultimate "real word" prep and I hope my school provides that!

Academics   2013-11-01
Compared to my other friends high schools, Connetquot had a large variety of classes to choose from. Various AP and college classes are available for students who meet the strict requirements. The AP and college classes I took were similar to that of first year college classes and helped in the high school - college transition.

Overall Experience   2015-12-01
At our school they have a Freshman Awareness each Fall. They new students entering Connetquot hear about the awareness weekend and are very excited about going. My cousin attended the weekend this fall and had so much fun, that she intends on helping out each year until she graduates. The teacher that chairs the weekend, Michelle Goodwin is an outstanding teacher. She is also a Connetquot graduate herself. The weekend is full of fun, learning, and more fun. The children that attend find out how much fun it is to be a Connetquot T~Bird!!

Overall Experience   2015-06-01
The teachers are the most considerate, respective people anyone will ever meet. They all care about the success of their students.

Overall Experience   2015-04-01
I think I go to the best high school. However, I don't have an experience with any other. I would say it is equal in comparison to surrounding schools. I was very involved in clubs and extra curricular activities and have a lot of great friends. This contributes to why I enjoy school so much.

Overall Experience   2015-03-01
This is an amazing school with a great staff and provides a great education for all students.

Overall Experience   2014-10-01
This school is unique because it is really like a family. I would choose this school if I could do it all over again because it has impacted me in a positive way

Overall Experience   2014-04-01
It is a great experience for students who want to get involved; Safe Halloween, Spirit Week, Pep rallies, Marching Band, sports teams, Stay Awakeathon , school concerts, theater performances, there is something for everyone

Overall Experience   2013-12-01
I have received a great education, had very good teachers, and met a lot of good friends and mentors at Connetquot.

Overall Experience   2013-11-01
I've had a great experience. I moved here in 10th grade and in my old school my grades weren't that good, not being here they have changed incredibly. They are great, and I have made alot of friends that I know I will keep forever. This school welcomes people with open arms and I love that.

Overall Experience   2013-11-01
The school has a positive reputation and takes the security of its students very seriously. I would want my children to go to the school because of the variety of AP and college classes, the knowledgeable teachers, and the administration who hold the school together.

Overall Experience   2013-09-01
Great teachers, extensive sports and music programs. Terrific school spirit. I have many close friends.

Overall Experience   2013-08-01
This has been the best time of my life so far! Its such a big school. What makes it unique is that it encompasses several different towns so that once you get there, you meet so many new friends that you wouldnt have outside of school. There are so many clubs and sports...I had a hard time choosing! Given the chance, I would absolutely select CHS again!

Overall Experience   2013-07-01
The teachers at Connetquot are a big part of why the school is so great. I have had many great teachers who made my experience a memorable one. They were always there for extra help or advice at any hour of the school day and often before/after. Many teachers participate in after school programs and encourage students to do so as well.

Student Culture & Diversity   2013-08-01
The school is pretty diverse. There are a lot of people who have came out to be gay, and everyone accepts that. There usually pretty accepting even if there are a few bullies, they are not tolerated.

Student Culture & Diversity   2013-06-01
we are a very diverse school, housing many different races and people. we have a strong LGB club that helps students out. we don't discriminate against others; we make them feel welcomed.

Teachers   2016-06-01
The teachers are friendly, caring, and educated.

Teachers   2016-04-01
The teachers at Connetquot High School are very knowledgable in their subjects. The best experiences that I got from my four years were normally not during class time. It was either before the period began or right after. I spent a lot of my time trying to get to know my teachers. Each had their own ways of teaching us, whether it was using "real-world" examples or more relatable examples like things typical high school students think about. This is greatly influenced by such things like social media, twitter posts, tumblr reblogs, and internet slang. It was always funny when teachers would say things like "selfie, or gucci".

Student Culture & Diversity   2013-11-01
We have alot of different types of people who follow different things in society. We have some kids that walk around with pokemon ears and use it as a group iniciation, and we have people who are involved in the drama clubs who wear black and then we have the kids with different colored hair, and the kids who have all the money in the world and are "popular".

Student Culture & Diversity   2013-10-01
there are certain clicks of kids and some peer pressure. my school is mostly middle class and not very diverse.

Overall Experience   2013-04-01
I'm enjoying my time in high school. Most of the teachers are pretty nice and my grades are good. Its a large building so it took some time to learn how to get around. My school is unique because it covers several towns, so I made friends who I probably wouldn't have met outside of school. There are many clubs so everyone can find one that fits. I have nothing to compare it to, so I'd say I would choose my school again if I had the chance.

Overall Experience   2013-03-01
I love connetquot high school, wouldnt change it !

Overall Experience   2013-09-01
There are a few things about the school I would change, but compared to other schools around my area I would definitely chose this one over them all.

Overall Experience   2013-09-01
great friends and a solid experience during my 4 years.

Overall Experience   2013-08-01
My school offers students a variety of wonderful opportunities to explore. It is up to each individual to take advantage of them or not. The staff is helpful and friendly. The administration is caring and always looking after us to keep us safe and on track educationally. I would not change a thing.

Overall Experience   2014-01-01
The people and teachers in the school are great and make it a good experience.

Overall Experience   2014-01-01
The teachers and counselors are so helpful and always make time for the students, if I could go here again I would

Overall Experience   2014-01-01
Variety of subjects/classes and teaching styles

Teachers   2013-11-01
The teachers here are very friendly and helpful but of course there are those teachers who are nasty here too.

Overall Experience   2016-01-01
music department is fab and needs more attention, the sports are overrated and get held to a higher standard then all of the other school activities. make friends and dont smoke weed. the cheerleaders are all idiotic and irrelevant.

Overall Experience   2015-09-01
I wouldn't say its the best because I can't really compare it to any other school because I haven't gone anywhere else. But I can say that it's great because it does have a really good education system along with the teachers. Most of the teachers are more than teachers, they inspire you and teach you lessons along with teaching you to pass the class. I would choose this school again if I could do it all over because of the education and the people I've met through this school. It's the experience that counts and where you go from this experience that matters. I think it is what you make of your experience in high school through your education, activities and the people you meet and from there you can either have a great one or a bad one.

Overall Experience   2015-09-01
In my opinion the four years I spent at Connetquot High School were amazing. The school has such a healthy atmosphere. The school store is the best part of the whole school because its a place where we can go in between periods to see our friends and socialize and just take a break from all the work. However the class room enviornments are also very good for working. Theres always a good separation between socializing and working. School store and hallways are where the socializing is done and then in class we always get our work done.

Overall Experience   2015-07-01
Connetquot is a great school. The teachers and guidance make themselves available to you at any given time.

Academics   2013-09-01
There is a large variety of different classes students can apply for in the school including AP classes and electives such as culinary arts or marine biology.

Overall Experience   2016-04-01
i had fun at the school

Overall Experience   2016-03-01
Good friends. Quality education. Great music department. Loved being involved in the music productions.

Overall Experience   2016-06-01
Overall, I had a good experience. Every high school has their up and downs but I always had educated, caring teachers, supportive parents, and a good social group.

Overall Experience   2016-04-01
If I could relive high school again, I wouldn't mind going back to Connetquot. The overall atmosphere of the school was always encouraging and the staff there always embraced our differences. Each student was special and there were always new clubs or organizations being made normally by current students. When the Gay rights movement was becoming more publicly looked at many students got together and started supporting those rights. Another event I remember is the push for more art/theater support. Connetquot was not only very athletically based, but they also took pride in their arts.

Academics   2013-05-01
we are challenged, cared for and respected as students. Teachers are there for us if we need help. Students can take general classes, AP/honor classes. The music department is amazing and has won numberous awards and invitations to play in festivals and parades. In general, school is what one makes of it! If you put the effort in you will be rewarded!

Educational Outcomes   2015-02-01
After graduation I attended Suffolk County Community College for 2 and a half years until I got my Associates degree. I then transferred to North Carolina State University, where I am still attending school.

Academics   2013-09-01
both the class options and the curriculum are strong and teachers seem committed to the educational process

Academics   2013-08-01
A wide range of courses so that all students can explore the opportunities for the future. It is up to the student to take advantage of what is offered and challenge themselves.

Academics   2013-08-01
The classes here have honors, advanced placement, regular, and a bit slower paced classes. They also provide a variety of different classes, anyone can find a class that they love! It's great.

Academics   2014-03-01
I believe I have received a good education, with fair teachers and a wide variety of classes offered.

Academics   2014-02-01
The school provides courses you would most likely not find anywhere else.

Academics   2014-01-01
There's a wide variety of classes, based on difficulty. There a college and ap courses, and honor programs.

Academics   2014-01-01
The teachers and curriculum is very advanced, the classes are very diverse and there are so many classes to pick from!

Academics   2013-12-01
I feel the academics are at a respectable level that allows me to succeed to my full potential.

Teachers   2013-06-01
Most teachers are good in all aspects. Some teachers are disliked by all the students.

Academics   2016-04-01
Lots of options. Scheduling usually works out. Fair workload.

Academics   2014-10-01
Teachers are always helpful. Scheduling process is often unfair

Teachers   2013-08-01
For the most part most of the teachers are pretty good. Although some of them need to retire for they are not up to date on technology. They are flat! compared to younger teachers.

Teachers   2014-06-01
I have had outstanding teachers at CHS, I would like for them to have availability via email and I would like the homework assignments in Parent Portal. As with anything, it is what you make it. We have had a great experience at Connetquot HS

Teachers   2014-03-01
Most teachers will stay after school with you if extra help is needed.

Teachers   2014-01-01
The number of teachers per students is a great ratio along with their great dedication to teaching.

Teachers   2013-12-01
I had mostly positive relationships with my high school teachers. Many are overqualified and have post-Masters certifications and degrees. I hope to join the faculty one day when I graduate with my Master's degree.

Teachers   2015-04-01
Many teachers are very available for extra help or support. They are very kind to the students and very approachable.

Teachers   2015-03-01
The teachers are always willing to help students. Such an amazing group of teachers hired at the school.

Teachers   2014-11-01
most go above and beyond others are just rude and don't care

Teachers   2014-10-01
teachers are very nice and helpful. Care a lot about their students and are consistent in grading

Teachers   2016-04-01
Some of the teachers there do help students out

Teachers   2016-03-01
Caring and helpful. Available for help if needed. Dedicated and knowledgable. Diversity of styles.

Teachers   2016-02-01
Most are extremely engaging and fun. Each teacher uses a different style of teaching, and all are extremely qualified.

Teachers   2016-02-01
Very intelligent and friendly overall however some are very unapproachable and are too strict to completely get to know

Teachers   2016-01-01
teachers aren't very good at grading the same way they favor certain students and give some of them special treatment. most are available for extra help but most of it is in the morning which is hella annoying. always make friends with people in your class so you can exchange homework and understand the topic better. ask around for the quality of the teachers and make friends with your guidance counselors. good luck.

Teachers   2014-07-01
The teachers for the most part ok. Once in awhile you get a teacher that doesn't seem knowledgeable but then you get a good one. The grading could be more consistent.

Teachers   2013-11-01
I have had some pretty amazing teachers and some awful ones.

Teachers   2013-08-01
The majority of teachers are pretty good, they have engaging lessons, eager to help and teach. But on the other had there are a hand full of teachers who do absolutely nothing, and aren't too approachable or helpful. Overall, the teachers are pretty good.

Academics   2014-07-01
The academics are pretty good. There are many great teachers. The scheduling process could be better.

Academics   2016-01-01
homework varies depending on teacher and course. for example if you take an AP class obviously you are going to have a heavier workload as can be expected with higher level courses. they eliminate honors for history in 11th grade which i think is a mistake but thats just me. make sure you balance your electives throughout your years in high school

Teachers   2013-04-01
Teachers do not have very good communication skills. Some threaten the students and tell them to shut up and that we are dumb. Some tell us everyday that we are going to fail and not become anything and not even pass there class or regent and have to repeat high school over and over.

Teachers   2013-02-01
Generally good. Hard to get a BAD teacher.

Academics   2013-11-01
It's not hard to do well unless you take advanced courses (honors, AP)

Academics   2013-08-01
I dont think you will ever get a student response that is !00% positive on this question. Too many personalities are involved. I will say that most of my teachers were effective, at least on my success. The curriculum is very good but I was disappointed to find that the curriculum in my best friend's school (neighboring district) offered an SAT prep class to juniors. They also offer a Passport to College course to seniors where they do various things like the entire college application process and college essay, among other things. These classes really lifted the stress factor off the students and their parents. Our school didnt have these classes and I feel that they should be part of every high school's regular curriculum, not even as electives.

Educational Outcomes   2014-01-01
I felt this school prepared me for junior college.

Educational Outcomes   2013-11-01
I was not prepared for college looking back. I had to learn everything on my own.

Overall Experience   2016-04-01
The parent community is very inconsistent; there are some parents that are very demanding that both expect too much from their kids and too much from the district while there are others who simply don't have much to contribute. Particularly the group of people I am friends with have very caring and supportive parents.

Overall Experience   2016-02-01
There are some great moments at the school however politics over sports and parents getting involved In their child's education

Overall Experience   2015-03-01
Have to have friends in with you in order to have fun

Overall Experience   2014-03-01
My overall experience has been alright. School is school.

Overall Experience   2014-07-01
This school is okay, but people who are connected to the administration seem to get special treatment. Most kids in this school are good people and do the right thing. There is more good people than bad.

Overall Experience   2013-10-01
School is good but won't want to start all over

Student Culture & Diversity   2016-04-01
Everyone gets along, but it can be very clicky.

Student Culture & Diversity   2014-07-01
Everyone seems to be excepting at this school. There is many different people.

Student Culture & Diversity   2014-03-01
My school is not very diverse therefore racial acceptance is not challenged.

Student Culture & Diversity   2014-01-01
Many different types of students.

Student Culture & Diversity   2013-12-01
The school is homogeneous. All students look the same, speak the same, and come from similar home lives. However, the district is also small for the area.

Student Culture & Diversity   2013-11-01
High school was a nightmare for me. Would never go back.

Student Culture & Diversity   2013-09-01
There are about three major cliques in the school: Jocks, art/music students, and the preppy girls. If you dont fall into one of those groups youre probably somewhere inbetween

Student Culture & Diversity   2013-09-01
the environment is what you make of it. if you want to stay away from trouble you can.

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